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What Is the Job of an AC Repair Technician?

157073049An AC repair technician services, installs, maintains, and repairs air-conditioning units. Individuals that work this job could work in various settings, such as residences to big companies. In some cases, a technician works for a firm as an employee, or they could be self-employed and install, maintain, and repair air-conditioning units on required basis.

An AC repair technician will be usually trained to not only make sure that air conditioning systems are working correctly but also the interior air quality is up to code when they are working. An individual that has this job description will install, service, and repair HVAC systems found within apartments, houses, small to medium-sized businesses, and big commercial companies. They could also handle the installation and maintenance for industrial sites.

Usually, a technician will be skilled at determining any requirements of installation jobs and which tools and equipment they will most likely need. Similarly, they will be trained to figure out any issues within an air-conditioning unit and figure out what steps will be needed to repair them. In the course of performing these repairs, the technician will need various tools, such as torches and voltmeters. They could also use gauges, drills, hammers, pliers, wrenches, and wire cutters to do the necessary work to make sure the air conditioning system will be in top working order.

Individuals that decide to become this type of technicians will have to commit themselves to working in conditions which will be unpleasant sometimes. For instance, an individual working this job is sometimes required to work in warm and humid conditions, like interior locations that house faulty air conditioning systems. From time to time, they could also face clients that are not so patient or are upset due to the temperature inside their buildings which makes living or working conditions unbearable.


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