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97783529Changes across the construction industry as a whole are bringing changes to all related sectors of the economy too. The HVAC industry is one of the few that will experience exciting new changes in the upcoming years, both in new technology and sector growth. As a professional HVAC repair service provider, I always try to stay in touch with the latest trends in the industry so that I can offer up-to-date information to my clients. Here are some of the latest trends in the HVAC industry.

“Smart” technology

More and more manufacturers are shifting toward the so called smart systems. These systems come with all sorts of features. Among the most popular ones are central command units. These units allow homeowners to control lighting, heating, cooling, and alarm systems installed in their homes, from one single control unit. In other words, HVAC systems can now be hooked up with the rest of the devices in a home and controlled from one single remote control.

Industry growth

Although the real estate market has come to a stagnation period over the past several year, things are starting to get back to normal now. As a result of market correction, the HVAC industry has grown too. And since the housing market is projected to continue rising, it’s only natural to expect raises in HVAC needs as well. This means that systems may become more affordable and HVAC repair services less expensive.

VRF systems are on the rise

The variable refrigerant flow systems are the future of the HVAC industry. These systems are elegant and simple, and above all, highly efficient. They feature one central outdoor unit and several fans inside the building. The refrigerant is constantly redirected to the fans that need it most. This means that the units don’t have to switch “on” and “off” anymore. This helps reduce energy consumption and allows for more consistent temperature control.


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