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Our HVAC Repair Specialists Know Everything You Want to Learn about Freon Reports

118435672R-22 is a chemical, also known as Freon which depletes the ozone layer. It was used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry for more than 4 decades until it has been discovered that it helps the solar radiation reach the surface of the Earth. Since then, appliances which work with it have not been produced since 2010 and have even been phased out in some areas. There are still many households that have AC units which work with Freon.

If yours is one of them, how does this make a difference?

If you call any local HVAC repair specialist for a consultation, he will confirm that there is nothing wrong with still having old pieces of equipment which use an R-22 refrigerant. Such AC units are not forbidden. The complication comes from the fact that since these systems are no longer produced, finding spare parts or Freon when they need a repair has become more complicated. This, of course, automatically means that the costs of repair have increased a lot and will still continue to rise, the more the supplies of this refrigerant get limited.

Although many HVAC repair contractors in Jollyville, TX offer the alternative of using a more environmentally-friendly modern refrigerant, this solution may not be the best option in your case. An entire air conditioning system upgrade will be a much smarter investment in the long run.

If you are not sure what type of refrigerant your system uses, you can check this by having a look at the nameplate of the appliance, which is commonly placed on the exterior condenser of the AC. If you still keep your user’s manual, you can check there as well. You will definitely need this information next time you call an HVAC repair company to book a service.

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