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Issues HVAC repair Contractors Face Most Often

Repairing AC Compressor

Repairing AC Compressor

As any mechanical system, your HVAC system will sooner or later need some repairs. Ensuring preventative maintenance is very important to keeping your system operating at peak efficiency, ensuring the comfort of your family. As experienced and qualified HVAC repair contractors, we encourage all people to find out a bit more about some of the most common issues they can face when it comes to their heating and cooling systems.

Broken Thermostat

When the heating or air conditioning goes out, panic is hardly an uncommon reaction. Even if you have never faced such a problem, we have all heard terrible stories about outrageous service bills and extensive system overhauls. However, the problem can be caused by something as simple as a broken thermostat – an issue that can be fixed extremely quickly and affordably.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters can cause your heating or cooling system to perform poorly. Keep in mind that they have to be cleaned or changed every month when the system is in heavy use. Even if the dirty filters of your system seem to be doing their job well, they could be causing your air conditioner to work harder in order to produce the desired results. Well maintained filters can prevent premature wear to your system, saving you money on repairs and replacement.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Keep in mind that the refrigerant doesn’t just go away. If you notice that your AC unit doesn’t cool your home efficiently, you should check the refrigerant level in your system. If it is too low, you can bet it is leaking. This is an issue that should be taken care of right away in order to ensure the proper operation of your air conditioner.

If you want to have your HVAC system checked or repaired by qualified professionals, be sure to call the experts at S Mart AC And Heating. As the industry leading HVAC repair contractors in Jollyville, TX, we only offer fast and quality service.



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